Looking Good is Only Part of the Equation

by Ian Luckett (Data)




Simple people like simple lives
Or so we’ve all been taught

Just an endless set of compromise
In an endless sea of thought

How about the way you feel?
Are you really satisfied?

Whose the beneficiary of your life?
Is it you or someone else?


It doesn’t matter how you feel
If your heart is completely sealed

Hidden things will rise
And looking good is only part of the equation

It doesn’t matter how you win
If causing loss is such a sin

Your life’s a mess alright
And looking good is only part of the equation


Happy people lead happy lives
The trick is just to feel

Just a choice in every moment
To make every moment real

So if your heart is just a pump
If it never rules your head

If you never listen to it
Pretty soon your heart is dead


released November 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Ian Luckett (Data) Birmingham, UK

No autotune - EVER!

You may notice I use lots of harmonies in vocal overdubs, but it is always just my voice with maybe some echo and a little bit of reverb!!!!!

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