Things That I Didn't Say

by Ian Luckett (Data)




The sky is full of rain
So I can hardly see
And the light is slowly fading
Every second takes it farther from me
My thoughts are always elsewhere
Can’t hardly hear a shout
And my mouth is full of ashes
And I can’t seem to spit them out


Your hair shines like firelight
And your eyes are so blue
They capture the sunlight
And make all my dreams come true

And my heart beats like thunder
When I look at your face
And the only things that I regret
Are the things that I didn’t say


The heart is never quiet
It speaks to everything
And it’s drowning in the answers
Knowing some of them just can’t be real
If we listen very carefully
It can show us other ways
So we never have to feel regret
For the things we didn’t say


released July 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Ian Luckett (Data) Birmingham, UK

No autotune - EVER!

You may notice I use lots of harmonies in vocal overdubs, but it is always just my voice with maybe some echo and a little bit of reverb!!!!!

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